Exhortation: “​I AM YOUR WAY OF ESCAPE”

SOMETIMES YOU LOOK for a way of escape—and sometimes you need one. But sometimes you look for a way of escape when escaping is not My best plan for you. You may escape for a moment or two by letting off steam with a friend, eating too much, or sleeping too long, but the devil is in the excess. Father is faithful to provide you a way of escape in every temptation and trial. Walk close to Me. Remember, I am your way of escape, and I am always available to draw you away when you call upon Me. 

LUKE 21:36

ISAIAH 43:2 


Lord sometimes I feel like David when he wrote in Psalm 55:6 that he wished he could just fly away from his troubles. Life is not easy sometimes, but nothing is impossible with You. Give me an enduring heart and a steadfast spirit. Draw me into Your presence when I am looking for a way of escape.


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