Be Motivated; Remain Focused

I got this from a friend (on WhatsApp). After reading, I felt it’s an interesting message for the day. Enjoy and share!

Harry and Meghan

She is 36 and he is 34

She is an actress and he is a Prince.

She is a divorcee and he has never been married.

She is bi-racial and he is from a royal family.

It seems all the odds would have been stacked against her but not so. When it’s your time, all things and everything must work in your favour.

Did she do anything to deserve it?

Did she pray for it?

Did she work for it?

I don’t know and can’t answer but one thing I know is that “it is not of him that wills or runs but of God that shows MERCY, to whom He chooses.

If it was in Africa some will say she has used black magic or juju on him but I choose to call her blessed and favoured.

Stay on your lane and stay on your path, when it’s time, what is yours will find you and you don’t need to struggle to have or keep it!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

To You out there be motivated, be focused!!!

Happy Pentecost!

May the Holy Spirit locate you in a special way today and remain with you always!

Remain Blessed!!!

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